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Law Lane Solicitors (LLS) is a leading law firm based in London renowned for its expertise in a wide spectrum of legal disciplines. We get straight to the root of the legal challenges and complexities our clients face and we make it our business to understand their business objectives and their principal goals for the future. We want our clients to get the best legal service possible and we ensure at LLS that our clients feel that we have conclusively resolved their legal difficulties and complications. This is why at LLS we attract the very best lawyers, and the finest legal minds in the industry.

At LLS we provide first rate legal advice which is entirely client focused and tailored to ensure maximum cost efficiency. We believe that no other firm can match the depth of our expertise, the diversity of our clients whom we represent and the range of legal issues that we are able to resolve and mitigate. Whether you are a large corporate or individual client, LLS is the law firm of choice for many of the U.K’s leading businesses and we are confident you will not be dissatisfied with our services.

Our team of Lawyers, industry specialist’s and expert litigators are extremely well versed with multifaceted legal and regulatory matters ensuring that we adequately manage your risk to achieve the best possible results. Law Lane Solicitors is the one stop destination for all your legal concerns.


The United Kingdom has always been an attractive destination for high net worth individuals with London, in particular, being a global beacon for stability and international investment.

London is a major global financial and commercial hub for both local and international businesses. It is recognised as one of the three global economic centres in the world.

If you are a non E.U or U.K citizen looking to invest in the UK, it is important to seek legal advice to understand the migration options open to you and to ensure all business is carried out legally. Whether you are looking to establish your own business, invest in an existing business, or simply make investments in the financial markets, Law Lane Solicitors is here to provide you with a bespoke service tailored to your specific business needs.

Recognised as one of the leading immigration specialist law firms in the UK we are well placed to provide you with the end-to-end support you need to ensure your visa application process is efficiently completed with minimal hassle to you and your business activities.

Our team of specialist business immigration solicitors at LLS have a wealth of experience in business immigration law and the UK’s points based system (PBS). Our highly qualified immigration specialists maintain a close watch on latest developments and changes in immigration law and processes, so you always get the best and most accurate advice.

Law Lane Solicitors has an Accredited Quality mark by the Law Society in Immigration Law, Criminal Law and Property Conveyancing as well as the Law Society “Lexcel” Quality Accreditation. You can be rest assured that the level of service you receive from LLS will be exemplary.

We can help you understand your options, provide you with comprehensive advice and guide you through the application process. We will work with you beyond the acquisition of the visa to ensure you are set up to remain compliant with your visa and ultimately meet your UK immigration goals.

We can provide you with full service consultancy on many aspects of your business and introduce you to the right people and institutions that will help you and your business grow as well as provide vital asset and investment protection services.

When considering an application for either Tier 1 Investor or Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa, you might be tempted to focus solely on the visa process. It is, however, very important that you take proper tax, business or investment advice as early as possible. We work closely with London’s leading tax, business and investment specialists who can help you create a business plan (as required by the Home Office) and understand the UK system and advise on what steps you should take and when. Together, we have the capabilities to advise and manage your entire investment/ business move to the U.K  in a way which is efficient and inevitably profitable.

The Tier 1 Investor and Tier 1 Entrepreneur visas are subject to a number of set criteria and it is important to ensure you are best placed to meet these from the beginning. Failure to do so can be fatal to future applications to remain in the UK so this early planning is critical.

A brief summary of some of the services we offer under this category are:

  • Advice on the visa eligibility criteria and the documentation required.
  • Advice and assistance in the preparation of documents to meet the visa eligibility criteria.
  • Assistance in identifying, vetting and investigating potential companies/ assets required for investment
  • Conducting legal due-diligence into all aspects of the investment.
  • Dealing or liaising in taxation/tax planning related matters or disputess
  • Company Law advice and assisting in offshore company structures.
  • Regulatory compliance services combined with full service in-house legal advisory support.
  • Company formation services
  • Introduction to private banking facilities.
  • Liaising with banks, accountants, independent financial/ investment advisers, governmental bodies and other institutions as may be required for business/ investment or visa purposes (where applicable)
  • Conveyancing services in instances where property is being acquired.
  • Acting as legal representative, nominee or trustee if required.
  • Asset protection services.

At LLS our processes are designed to ensure your immigration visa application is compliant with UK immigration laws and procedures and your transition to a new life and successful business in the UK is as smooth as possible. We have the experience to advise you on all aspects of your investment(s) and business activities to ensure maximum efficiency and profitability.

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