AS V SSHD – 10.02.2017

On 09.02.2017 the client was detained while reporting and handed over removal directions for 10.02.2017 evening. The decision was dated 24.01.2017 but was not served until 09.02.2017. The delay seemed intentional so that the client could be detained.

Mr Zahab Jamali of Law Lane Solicitors then challenged the detention and removal by way of judicial review, seeking urgent consideration for a stay against removal. The matter was lodged at 4.30 pm on 10.02.2017, just a few hours before the flight and at 7.30 pm, Honourable Mr Justice Garnham granted an injunction, making the observations that the Claimant had a good prima facie case of unlawful detention.

By Tahir Shahab Khan (Director of Law Lane Solicitors)

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