The Best Example of a Legal Resume

A legal resume is prepared by the person who is a lawyer, solicitor, solicitor general, attorney, attorney general or a judge or any other person who wants to get the job in the field related with law or the applications of the law.

Sample Legal Resume

Jack Stones
Address: 321 Quen Street, Brighton
Phone No: 123-167-1911
Email ID:




    To make a bright career as a Lawyer by utilizing the experience gained while working as a lawyer and an Assistant Lawyer.

Key Skills :

  • Good skills in oration, speech and accent
  • Good Ability in dealing with the criminal as well as the civil law cases
  • Good ability in conducting legal research and client interviews
  • Good Ability in constructing the arguments and making to the point arguments before the judges in the court of law
  • Good Ability to develop the case strategy to fight the cases in the court of law
  • Perfection, authenticity and authority over drafting of contracts, settlements of legal case disputes and drafting of laws related with the payment of different kinds of taxes


  • Cleared Bar Exams in year 1999
  • Acquired Bachelor degree in Law from Oxford University with major subjects like Company Law and Corporate Law in year 1998
  • Acquired Bachelor degree in political science from University of Yale University in year 1995


Post: Lawyer
Organization: Crown Court, UK
Duration: July 20015-till date

  • To prepare legal briefs and file legal briefs with court clerks
  • To represent the clients in the court of law
  • To interpret the rules and regulations of law for individuals
  • To supervise and coordinate the legal activities of the subordinate law persons
  • To act as guardian, trustee or executor before the judicial magistrate in the court of law

Post: Assistant Lawyer
Organization: Court of Broadstairs, UK
Duration: January 2010-June 20015

  • To assist the Lawyer in carrying out the legal research work
  • To assist the lawyer in handling of the routine legal assignments and complex legal suits
  • To help the lawyer in preparing legal opinions on different miscellaneous legal topics
  • To handle special civil cases of law
  • To provide improvements and suggestions on the court’s policy matters


  • Good ability to handle the personal computer with windows environment like Windows 7, Windows 10 and Windows Vista.
  • Good ability to use word processing, word perfect, Microsoft excel and Microsoft excess spread sheets and different types of e-mail applications like Microsoft outlook.
  • Good knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint which is a nice tool for making a nice presentation.
  • Great Ability to quickly surf through the internet


      • Name: Jack Stones
    • Sex: Male
    • Marital Status: Married
    • Date of Birth: 25/06/1985.
    • Hobbies: Cricket and playing football
    • Areas of Interest: Reading humorous books and magazines
    Preferred Place of Work: London, UK.


  1. Name: David Higgins
    Post: Senior Lawyer
    Organization: Appeal Court of London, UK
    Phone No: 135-1112-2559
  2. Name: Peter Darwin
    Post: Attorney General
    Organization: Court of Brighton, UK
    Phone No: 123-456-7890.

You should provide an exact picture of the your credentials to the employer and assists you as the law professional and prepare a perfect resume in a proper and a clear format.

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