Ghulam Mustafa


Designation: Director, Barrister

Languages: English, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, Mirpuri

Practice Areas:

  • Immigration
  • Asylum
  • Human Rights
  • Nationality
  • Business Immigration
  • Family Law
  • Crime Law
  • Road Traffic Offences

Welcome to the world of law with Barrister Ghulam Mustafa, a distinguished practitioner of the Honorable Society of the Inner Temple. Specializing in Immigration, Asylum, Nationality Law, and Human Rights, Mr. Mustafa extends his expertise to Criminal Law, Public Law, Judicial Reviews, Family Law, and Road Traffic Offenses.

Why Choose Barrister Ghulam Mustafa?

Expertise: With a comprehensive background spanning various legal domains, Barrister Mustafa is your go-to professional for a wide range of legal matters.

Direct Access Barrister: As a Direct Access Barrister, Mr. Mustafa welcomes clients to instruct him directly. This approach not only ensures cost-effectiveness but also allows clients to engage directly with their legal representative.

Holborn Chambers Member: Barrister Mustafa is a proud member of Holborn Chambers, offering advocacy and legal representation services. You can trust his experience and skills for effective legal solutions.

Dual Qualification: Holding the roles of an employed barrister at Law Lane Solicitors and serving as a self-employed barrister, Mr Mustafa provides a unique blend of professional perspectives.

Authorized and Regulated: Mr. Mustafa holds a Practicing Certificate as a Barrister, authorized, and regulated by the Bar Standards Board (BSB). He is also authorized to conduct litigation, offering a breadth of legal services typically carried out by solicitors.

Solicitor Advocate: Mr Mustafa is also recognised & admitted as a solicitor Advocate by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), but he does not hold a practicing certificate as a solicitor as he is currently practicing as a Barrister.

A Trusted Legal Career:

Barrister Ghulam Mustafa is not just a legal practitioner; he is a well-known figure in the legal community. With a career dating back to 2005, he has gained valuable experience in various law firms across London, specializing in human rights, public law, and immigration.

Commitment to the Community:

Apart from legal expertise, Mr. Mustafa is actively involved in community service. He provides professional advice to local and international organizations and charities, demonstrating his commitment to making a positive impact beyond the courtroom.

Education & Qualifications

  • LLB (Hons) at The University of Wales
  • Master of Laws (LLM) at The University of Buckinghamshire New University
  • Legal Practice Course (LPC) at The University of Law, London
  • Professional Skills Course (PSC)  at The BPP University, London
  • Bar Transfer Training Course (BTT) at The BPP University, London
  • Higher Courts Advocacy (HRA)  Recognition in both Civil & Crime by the SRA
  • Supervising Senior Case Worker in Immigration & Asylum, recognised by the Law Society

Areas Of Expertise

  • Immigration & Point Based System
  • Business Immigration
  • Nationality & EU Law
  • Asylum & Human Rights
  • Criminal Law
  • Road Traffic Offences
  • Employment Law
  • Property Law


  • The Law Society of England & Wales
  • The Honorable Society of The Inner Temple, London
  • International Lawyers Club United Kingdom (ILCUK)
  • Advocate High Court, Pakistan
  • Punjab Bar Council, Pakistan
  • The Criminal Bar Association of England & Wales
  • Liberty Human Rights

Community Services

  • Founder, member & current Chairman of The International Lawyers Club UK (ILCUK)
  • Organised and spoke at an international conference held in London on Panama Leaks and Counter Terrorism & Human Rights
  • Regular appearances on national & international TV/Radio
  • Guest lawyer on Zee TV show (Immigration Tuesdays)
  • Speech at the International Conference on the Role of Law & Armed Conflicts
  • Recipient of various Excellent Community Services Awards from national and international organizations

For legal matters that demand experience, expertise, and a personal touch, Barrister Ghulam Mustafa is your trusted advocate. Contact him now to discuss and instruct him on your legal journey.