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UK Immigration laws are constantly changing, and our team of Immigration solicitors will support you every step of the way.

Our expert immigration team has a proven track record of maintaining positive outcomes for our clients. We have a dedicated team of specialist solicitors who deal with all kinds of immigration matters, including immigration applications, judicial reviews, admin reviews and immigration appeals to the first-tier tribunals (immigration and asylum chamber), Upper Tribunal, the Court of Appeal, Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, European Court of Human Rights and European Court of Justice.

We understand that even a small error when dealing with an immigration matter may result in the person losing their right to remain, right to work, right to drive, right to rent, right to recourse to medical services and many other advantages of living in modern British society. It is therefore recommended that clients always use the services of immigration experts like Law Lane Solicitors.

The Immigration laws in the UK are constantly being updated so our team diligently keeps track of the Home Office’s reforms so that we can always be fully prepared to assist our client. Check out the official Home Office Immigration Rules Guidance page for the full details on the current Immigration rules, broken down in readable sections. This can help you to better understand if you may need to apply/re-apply for a Visa or seek Indefinite Leave to Remain, from which point you can contact our expert solicitors who can assist your application.

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We provide expert immigration services to clients from all over the world, including Albania, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Burma, Philippines, Middle East, European countries, Russia, China, Brazil, Africa and beyond.

We provide free immigration legal advice for an initial 15-20 minute consultation. Contact us on 02078704870 to book yours today.

Delay and Pending Immigration Matters

The Home Office has a statutory duty to deal with all immigration matters within a reasonable time. When delays occur, we can assist you to expedite your immigration matter, challenging the delay by serving pre-action protocol for judicial review notices and, where necessary, challenging the delay in the courts by bringing judicial review proceedings.

If your application for an entry clearance visa or leave to remain in the United Kingdom has been refused without any right of appeal, you may still be able to challenge the decision by way of bringing judicial review court claim in the Administrative Court. We are here to assist and secure your rights.

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Law Lane Solicitors is proud to be accredited under The Law Society’s Immigration Law Accreditation.

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