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We can offer top-notch UK immigration services for all phases and types of UK visa and immigration applications because we are specialised immigration lawyers.

Immigration Solicitors In London

We offer professional immigration advice and legal counsel for all categories of UK visa and immigration concerns, including Family Visa UK and Work Visa UK. We are immigration specialists in London. Because they are located in the centre of Stratford, London, our best immigration lawyers can conveniently meet with you. Our immigration lawyers in London are highly skilled and experienced, and they have a proven track record of successfully assisting hundreds of clients with their immigration issues. On a fixed fee basis with flexible payment options that allow you to pay our fixed fees in instalments, we can lawfully represent you in your immigration application, immigration appeal, Administrative Review, Pre Action Protocol (PAP), or immigration Judicial Review (JR).

Wherever You Are, Our London Immigration Lawyers Can Help You!

No matter where you are in the world, our reputable and skilled London-based immigration lawyers can offer specialised immigration advice and legal assistance for any immigration problem. Even if you are outside of the UK, we can still give quick, amiable, and trustworthy immigration advice and representations for your immigration problem by using the most up-to-date communication tools.

Without your personal presence in our office, our London immigration lawyers may handle every aspect of your immigration matter remotely. Our remote assistance with your immigration issue may involve the following:

  • In an initial immigration counselling and consulting session held via a Microsoft Teams meeting, we determine your eligibility and provide you with a fixed price estimate to handle your immigration problem. We give you advice on all the requirements, paperwork, procedures, expenses, etc. linked to your immigration problem during our initial Microsoft Teams meeting.
  • After the initial immigration advice and consultation session, if you decide to work with us on your immigration problem, our immigration lawyers will email you the service agreement, asking you to digitally sign it and submit it back to our London office.
  • You send us all of the supporting documentation for your immigration matter through email in PDF format.
  • We review your supporting documentation and provide our assessment.
  • The application form is then completed online by our immigration attorneys in a Microsoft Teams meeting as we share our screens with you.
  • We assist you in submitting your immigration application online and paying the application fee as well.
  • If required, we share our screen with you during a Microsoft Teams meeting while we create a thorough personal statement to be filed in support of the immigration application.
  • We create a thorough cover letter in support of your immigration application, identifying all the supporting materials and outlining all the legal arguments.
  • To support the immigration application, we upload all necessary supporting papers online.
  • Up until the Home Office UKVI makes a decision regarding your immigration application, we handle all of the follow-up work.
Accurate Immigration Advice & Document Checking Service

Our expert team of immigration solicitors offers professional immigration advice service on all UK immigration matters as specialised immigration and human rights lawyers in London. The testimonials of our clients regarding the assistance received from our knowledgeable immigration solicitors speak for themselves as to the excellence of our immigration services.

You can make an appointment for a detailed immigration guidance and consultation session if you want counsel that includes a thorough evaluation of your unique circumstances.

For a fixed cost of £50 for up to 20 minutes, £100 for up to an hour, and £150 for up to an hour and a half, you can schedule an appointment with one of our immigration solicitors for extensive guidance on immigration.

After thoroughly examining the relevant immigration laws, procedures, requirements, papers, etc. with you during the immigration consultation session, we will give you advice on them. Our immigration lawyers in London will provide you advice regarding the likelihood of success in your immigration case and the timeline for a resolution after carefully evaluating your unique circumstances. Your case’s advantages and disadvantages will be highlighted for you in order to raise your chances of success, if at all possible. Any of your inquiries regarding your immigration situation will be answered by our knowledgeable staff of immigration lawyers in London.

Trinity College London’s Directory Of Immigration Advisors

We are proud to be listed under the Directory of Immigration Advisors at Trinity College London. We can offer expert Immigration advice to help you with the SELTs and your visa application. Click here to learn more.

Immigration Documents Checking Service

Our knowledgeable staff of immigration attorneys can evaluate the supporting documentation for your application and give you advice on its advantages and disadvantages. It is worthwhile showing all your documents to an immigration expert who can give you advice on your case materials if you’re thinking about submitting an application to the Home Office, UKVI, or submitting a notice of appeal to the First Tier Tribunal on your own, without being represented by a legal representative. It is crucial to determine whether the documents you are submitting in support of your application or appeal are sufficient for the application or appeal to succeed because immigration cases frequently succeed or fail on the basis of the documentation.

Assessment of UK Visa Refusals

Our skilled team of immigration lawyers in London can analyse the Home Office’s and UKVI’s rejection judgements of your immigration application as part of our advisory service. If the Home Office or UKVI has rejected your immigration application and you feel that the decision is illegal and in violation of UK immigration laws, you can scan and email your refusal letter to us at, and we will evaluate the decision.

Advice & Representations For UK Visas & Immigration Applications

All forms of UK visa and immigration applications are handled by our top team of immigration lawyers in London. Our skilled team of immigration lawyers in London can fully prepare your UK visa and immigration application and submit it to the Home Office, UKVI, together with all the necessary supporting documentation and a thorough cover letter.

The following are some of the several UK visa categories for which our knowledgeable team of immigration lawyers may offer professional immigration advice and legal representations:

Other Applications – The numerous different applications that may be submitted to the Home Office UKVI in accordance with UK immigration legislation are as follows:

UK Visa Chase Up Service

Our top immigration team of lawyers in London can follow up with the Home Office, UKVI and make legal representations to the Home Office, UKVI for a prompt decision to be made on the outstanding immigration application if your immigration application has been pending with the Home Office, UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) for more than 6 months. Your immigration application will probably be decided within 2 to 4 weeks as a result of our legal arguments to the Home Office and UKVI.

Confronting Home Office Refusal Decisions

If you disagree with the judgement and there are sufficient grounds to do so using one of the available legal procedures, you may lawfully dispute a decision made by the Home Office, UKVI, HM Passport Office, or an appeal decision. Immigration decisions made by the Home Office and UKVI, also known as refusal letters, can typically be appealed through UK Immigration Appeals, Administrative Review (AR), Pre-Action Protocol for Judicial Reviews (PAP for JR), Judicial Reviews (JRs) in the Upper Tribunal (UT), or Judicial Reviews (JRs) in the High Court.

We have a very strong track record of successfully contesting the Home Office and UKVI denial judgements as specialised immigration lawyers in London. Leading immigration attorneys in London can put together strong legal arguments to contest Home Office UKVI denial judgements.

We can offer the necessary legal arguments to challenge the denial of such an application, appeal, or judicial review if it has been submitted to the Home Office, UKVI, an appeal to the First Tier Tribunal (FTT), or a judicial review (JR). In order to appeal the denial of immigration petitions, we offer a wide range of immigration services. In cases where the applicant is affected by the Home Office UKVI’s delay in making a judgement on the immigration application, we also offer legal assistance to our clients.

Various legal services provided by us for challenging the Home Office UKVI refusal letters are as follows:

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Law Lane Solicitors is proud to be accredited under The Law Society’s Immigration Law Accreditation.

Law Lane Solicitors is proud to be listed in Trinity College London’s Directory of Immigration Advisors.

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