Law Lane Solicitors aim to recruit and retain the best staff at all levels of the firm.

We are experienced solicitors covering a wide range of legal services and one of the fastest-growing legal practices in the UK. Our doors are always open for legal counsellors, graduates and support staff.

Excellence, Teamwork & Manners

The ability, dedication and technical excellence of our staff is key to the success we achieve for our clients. When we select new lawyers and support staff, we are looking for people that will provide the best for our clients with their knowledge, experience and professionalism and are good team workers who conduct themselves in a way to fit in well with our existing staff.

We expect our staff to seek brilliance in all that they do and consistently deliver the highest standard of work to achieve the best results for our clients. Also required is an eagerness to create an environment that people want to be part of and treating everybody with respect, good manners and as equals, both inside and outside the firm.

The Working Environment

The workplace environment is of great significance to us, and we endeavour to maintain a civilised, courteous and efficiently run office for our staff and clients.

Progress Within The Firm

Once recruited, our lawyers and support staff are expected to excel in what they do and will be given the tools to do so with training, supervision and a nurturing approach. Everyone is capable of making progress within the firm.

Equality & Diversity

The principles of equal opportunity and diversity are very important to us. They align with our core value of treating everyone, both within and outside the firm, with respect and good manners.

We are an equal opportunities employer. Opportunities for employment within the firm are open to all based on merit regardless of age, gender, disability, religion or belief, sex, race, colour, ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation, social background, part-time or fixed-term status.


We have developed into an established company throughout the years, concentrating on expanding and growing. Therefore, we are constantly searching for new talent to strengthen and support us as we build on our current triumphs.

Please send your CV to if you are interested in joining Law Lane Solicitors for any future employment opportunities.

Check out our LinkedIn page here for more information and follow us to stay up to date on what opportunities we offer.

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