Legal Aid Funding

Legal Aid is provided by the government to help fund cases for those who cannot afford to instruct solicitors on a private basis. The Legal Aid Agency provides contracts to firms so that they can provide legal advice and representation in court or tribunal to those who are eligible and in certain areas of law. Law Lane is a listed provider and has license to carry out Legal Aid work in certain departments.

What are the Steps to Obtain Legal Aid?

To be eligible for Legal Aid we will have to carry out an assessment which will include the following:

  • We must determine if your case falls into one of the categories of law that is covered by Legal Aid
  • We must establish that the case has good prospects of success
  • We must check that you are financially eligible

List of departments we currently offer Legal Aid in:

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you think you may be eligible for Legal Aid.

Law Lane Solicitors is proud to be a member of the Legal Aid Agency, which provides both civil and criminal legal aid and gives advice to people that need help dealing with their legal problems.