Reconsideration Of Naturalisation/Nationality Application

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Reconsideration Of Naturalisation/Nationality Application

You can apply for your naturalisation application to be reconsidered by the Home Office UKVI if your application has been refused by the Home Office. The application for reconsideration of naturalisation is made using application form NR.

An applicant may request reconsideration of the denial of their application for naturalisation or nationality at any time. However, after learning that your application for naturalisation or nationality has been denied, it is advisable that you apply for a review as soon as possible. For the reconsideration application, the applicant must also pay the applicable Home Office UKVI charge.

How Can We Help?

After your application for British nationality or naturalisation has been denied, we can represent you in your request for a review. If hired to represent you in relation to your request for reconsideration of your naturalisation application, our nationality law solicitors will be responsible for the following tasks:

  • examining the grounds for the denial of your application for nationality
  • talking with you in depth regarding the rejection letter for your nationality application and giving you advice on the positives and negatives of your request for a reconsideration;
  • instructing you on the supporting documentation needed for your request for a reconsideration of naturalisation;
  • examining the documentation required to support the application and talking with you about it;
  • completing the NR application form and talking with you about it;
  • presenting thorough justifications for the request for review of the naturalisation application, demonstrating the legality of the Home Office’s decision to deny the application;
  • undertaking all the follow-up work necessary until the Home Office UKVI makes a decision regarding your request for a reconsideration of your application for nationality.


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