Residential Conveyancing

In all residential property transactions, including sale and purchase, re-mortgages, transfers by gift, and residential lettings, our experienced and committed team of residential property solicitors can offer an impartial, prompt, efficient, and dependable service.

We can provide joint ownership advice and can prepare Trust Deeds in accordance with your recommendations. We recognise that moving houses is regarded as a stressful event, but we work to minimise that burden wherever we can. We always make sure there is clear communication between our clients, the attorneys representing other parties involved in the transaction, and the estate agents.

Buying a Home

Before you order us to begin any work, we first assist in determining if the chain of transactions is complete, inform you of how far the chain extends, and ensure that all parties appear to be prepared to move on. This makes sure that you will not incur any additional costs.

A contract detailing the seller’s ownership of the property and any other pertinent paperwork for the property you are buying will be sent to us by the seller’s solicitor. We review the contract to make sure it follows your directions and doesn’t have any unfavourable clauses. We examine the title records to make sure the seller is authorised to sell the property, forward any questions to the seller’s attorney, and conduct any necessary searches. We will inform you of the paperwork we have received and go over any potential problems with you.

The contract can be approved as soon as we have suitable answers to our questions and inquiries. At this point, you must make sure you have secured all required mortgages. The parties engaged in the chain can then formally exchange contracts to ensure that they are all committed to completing their transactions by the specified date.

After exchange, we conduct any necessary follow-up research and provide any necessary paperwork for your signature. We ask for the mortgage funds and inform you of any remaining amounts needed to complete the transaction. Using our own secure electronic payment terminal, we send the purchase money to the seller’s solicitor’s bank on the completion date. After everything is finished, we take care of any Stamp Duty or Land Tax obligations, register your ownership (and any mortgage) at the Land Registry, and then transmit the deeds to your lender, who keeps them for the life of the mortgage.

Selling a Home

Once a buyer has been identified, we write a contract that we send to the buyer’s solicitor, handle any follow-up questions, and, if necessary, get your specific instructions.

We set up the contract exchange and take care of any requests made by the buyer’s solicitors. We authorise the transfer document, make plans to pay off any current mortgage you have, and give you an accounting of any outstanding amounts.

For any enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us and one of our expert solicitors can help you!

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