Visitor Visa

A UK visitor visa is for someone who wants to go to the UK for a brief period of time, often up to six months, for a temporary purpose, such as a family visit or business trip.
UK Visitor Visa Application Process Infographic & Document Checklist

We are aware that trying to obtain a UK visa may be challenging and complicated, but our experienced Immigration team at Law Lane Solicitors aim to help and guide you during the process to ensure that your application is accepted without any problems.

To learn more about the application process for a visitor visa to the UK, click here.

We have also compiled a checklist of the documents you may require for your application to make the applying process simpler for you, which you can access here.

UK Visitor Visa (Apply For Visa To Visit The UK)

The UK visitor visa is for people who want to travel, visit friends and relatives, or conduct business while they are in the UK, typically for up to six months at a time. Visitors are not permitted to work or study in the UK unless they are doing so in accordance with the permitted activities listed in these visitor rules.

Each tourist, regardless of whether they are travelling alone or as part of a family group, tour group, or school party, must comply with the criteria of Appendix V of the Immigration Rules. All requests for visitor visas are evaluated based on the information submitted by the applicant and any other pertinent information available at the time of decision.

If a person is in the UK in violation of immigration regulations or has entrance clearance or leave to enter or remain for another reason, they cannot change their status to that of a visitor while there.

As specialist visitor visa solicitors, we can provide expert immigration advice and representations for following matters involving visitor visas:

  • Entry Clearance For UK Visitor Visa
  • Extension/Renewal Of UK Visitor Visa
  • Challenging Refusal Of UK Visitor Visa


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