Changes To The Illegal Migration Bill 2023

After obtaining royal assent on July 20th 2023, the Illegal Migration Act 2023 has since been published. However, it appears that during the Bill’s passage, significant revisions were made, impacting many of the legal policies involved with immigration. The Illegal Migration Act requires the Home Secretary to prepare arrangements to facilitate a person’s removal fromContinue reading “Changes To The Illegal Migration Bill 2023”

Global Business Mobility: Secondment Worker Visa

For foreign workers who are performing temporary tasks in the UK, there is a Global Business Mobility: Secondment Worker visa path. The employee must be sent on secondment to the UK as a result of a significant investment or contract from their business abroad. Launched on April 11th, 2022, the Global Business Mobility umbrella consists ofContinue reading “Global Business Mobility: Secondment Worker Visa”

Safest Ways For Refugees To Enter The UK

The government frequently invokes the phrase “safe and legal routes” to support ever-tougher regulations designed to stop migrants from arriving in the UK on their own initiative. The claim is that refugees should arrive to seek asylum via these secure and authorised channels rather than small boats or the backs of vehicles. In this blog,Continue reading “Safest Ways For Refugees To Enter The UK”

High Court Dismisses Appeal Of EU Settlement Scheme

According to the High Court, an EU national’s child can only remain in the UK after Brexit if they are under 21 or dependant on their parent. The court in R (on the application of Ali) v. Secretary of State for the Home Department [2023] EWHC 1615 (Admin) came to this decision, reaffirming that theContinue reading “High Court Dismisses Appeal Of EU Settlement Scheme”

Court Of Appeal Finds Rwanda Plan Unlawful

A majority of the Court of Appeal’s judges concluded that the Rwanda plan is illegal since Rwanda is not a secure enough nation. In other words, there is a significant risk that real refugees will be sent back to their home countries where they would face persecution because the Rwandan authorities are not yet reliablyContinue reading “Court Of Appeal Finds Rwanda Plan Unlawful”

Supreme Court Rules Against Golden Visa Scheme

The Supreme Court determined last week that a funding arrangement used to help people get Investor visas did not meet the standards of the immigration laws. The decision in R (on the application of Wang) v. Secretary of State for the Home Department [2023] UKSC 21 overturns the Court of Appeal’s ruling and reinstates theContinue reading “Supreme Court Rules Against Golden Visa Scheme”

Global Business Mobility – Service Supplier Visa

For foreign workers working on temporary assignments in the UK, the Global Business Mobility: Service Supplier path is available. The applicant must be either an independent contractor based abroad or a contractual service provider hired by an overseas service provider. The service rendered must be protected by a trade agreement with the UK. The AppendixContinue reading “Global Business Mobility – Service Supplier Visa”