Immigration Law: Recent Changes

This is the final of a series of blogs which will cover all of the recent updates made to Immigration Law. Written by our director and experienced barrister, Ghulam Mustafa, these blogs cover the changes made and what impact they will have.

Priority Service for Family Visa Applications

One piece of good news is the reintroduction of priority service and the return of standard processing times for family visa applications made from outside the UK. This is a welcome change and shows that the Home Office is slowly recovering from the service disruption and massive delays experienced throughout 2022: it was taking 24 weeks for a standard spouse  visa application to be considered and processed, and that has now been reduced to 3 weeks, on payment of a priority fee of around £500, with the standard processing time reduced to 60 days, as of 3 April 2023.

Some Other Potential Changes

Other speculation surrounds the possibility of withdrawing the English language requirement, as well as a new option to start limiting overseas students’ ability to bring dependents and their involvement in the labour market, unless they are sponsored, which could mean a reduction in students and therefore the availability of future graduates for employers.  None of this was however hinted at or confirmed in the Budget on 15 March.

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Written by:

Ghulam Mustafa

Director, Barrister

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