Unlock the Secrets of Personal Injury Claims: The 5 Most Asked Questions Answered!

Are you or a loved one a victim of a catastrophic injury caused by a road traffic accident, employer negligence, criminal act, holiday illness, dog attack, beauty treatment gone wrong, or other public liability? Our team, led by the fearless Mr. Jai Singh and the tenacious Ms. Miley, is here to fight for you. WeContinue reading “Unlock the Secrets of Personal Injury Claims: The 5 Most Asked Questions Answered!”

Personal Injury Case Update From Law Lane

A claimant was represented by Miss Miley, Mr. Khan, and Mr. Singh for personal injuries, losses, and damages resulting from a car accident that occurred while the claimant was at work. At all material times: (1) The Claimant was working at an Amazon fulfilment centre in Crabtree Manorway North, London, DA17 6AS; (2) The FirstContinue reading “Personal Injury Case Update From Law Lane”

A Guide to Fundamental Dishonesty

What Is Fundamental Dishonesty? Fundamental dishonesty solely relates to claimants in a personal injury claim. In other words, it only attributes to the person making a claim against a defendant such as an insurer or an employer. Fundamental dishonesty means the claimant must have been dishonest about an allegation in their claim. This includes bendingContinue reading “A Guide to Fundamental Dishonesty”

What is Contributory Negligence in Road Traffic Accidents?

It is quite common for the third-party to raise the Defence of contributory negligence against a Client where they have failed to wear a seatbelt and/or get into vehicles where the driver is under the influence. If successfully raised, the Client will face a deduction to the amount of settlement they receive. It is importantContinue reading “What is Contributory Negligence in Road Traffic Accidents?”

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