Home Office Introduces New Scale-Up Visa

The Home Office launched a new visa yesterday called the Scale-Up Visa. It came with a great amount of guidance and this blog will aim to break this information down, so it is easily understandable by anyone wishing to apply under this new scheme.

You can travel to the UK with a Scale-up Worker visa to do a qualifying job for a fast-growing UK company, also known as a “scale-up company.” To sponsor scale-up employees, your UK company must fulfil specified qualifying requirements.

Eligibility for Scale-Up Visa

Applicants for Scale-up Worker visas must: possess a written employment offer that you can confirm to work for an authorised scale-up company for at least six months; possess a “certificate of sponsorship” from your employer that details the position you have been offered in the UK; possess a job offer for a position listed among the qualifying occupations; receive a starting wage in your new position. To find out if your job qualifies, click this link. An applicant also needs to be able to read, write, speak, and comprehend English. When they apply, they will typically be asked to demonstrate their proficiency in English, at IELTS 4.5 for each component.

How Long Can You Stay with a Scale-Up Visa?

A Scale-up Worker visa allows you to remain in the UK for two years. When your visa expires, you will have to apply to get it extended. If you wish to remain in the UK longer, if you continue to meet the eligibility requirements, you may extend your visa an unlimited number of times for a period of three years. You could be able to apply for “indefinite leave to remain” in the UK after five years. You now have the freedom to stay in this country if you wish, work here, study here, and, if you qualify, ask for benefits.

How and When Do I Apply for a Scale-Up Visa?

To apply, you must do so online. During the first six months of working in your sponsored position, if you want to switch employers, you must apply to amend your visa. If your partner and children are qualified, you can include them in your application to remain in the UK. Up to three months prior to the day you are scheduled to begin employment in the UK, you may apply for a visa. Your sponsorship certificate includes this date. Once you’ve submitted an online application, verified your identification, and presented your papers, a decision on your visa is often made within: if you’re not in the UK, three weeks or, if you’re in the UK, 8 weeks.

You, your partner, or your kids must each: pay the application cost of £715; pay the healthcare fee for each year of your stay; demonstrate that you have sufficient personal savings.

What You Can and Can’t Do with a Scale-Up Visa

A Scale-up Worker visa allows you to: work at least six months at your sponsored employment; after six months, leave your sponsored job; study; bring your partner and children with you as your “dependents,” if they are qualified; take on extra work; volunteering; travelling overseas and back to the UK; seek to stay in the UK permanently. However, you cannot: apply for the State Pension or most benefits or play professional sports.

Hopefully, this makes things clearer for you and you now know if this Scale-Up Visa is the right one for you! Let us know what you think of this new visa scheme, do you think it’s a good introduction? If you think like you may want to apply under this visa, contact us today on 02078704870 and one of our experienced solicitors can help guide you through the process

Written by:

Tahir Shahab Khan

Managing Director of Law Lane Solicitors