Priti Patel Strikes Historic Return Agreement with Pakistan

A new arrangement will see Pakistani people who are illegally present in the UK, such as criminals, unsuccessful asylum seekers, and immigration offenders, removed. The Home Secretary has signed five returns agreements over the course of 15 months on behalf of the British people via the New Plan for Immigration. To sign the reciprocal agreement, Priti Patel met with Pakistan’s High Commissioner to the UK, Moazzam Ahmad Khan, and Interior Secretary, Yousaf Naseem Khokhar.

Priti Patel, the home secretary, said this on the matter: “I have no remorse about expelling dangerous foreign criminals and those who have violated immigration laws who should not be allowed to stay in the UK. The British population has had enough of those abusing our rules and the system, and they have every right to be removed … This agreement, which I am honoured to have signed with our Pakistani friends, demonstrates how the government is carrying out the New Plan for Immigration … Our updated Borders Act will go farther and aid in breaking the pattern of last-minute appeals and claims that may cause removals to be postponed.”

With roughly 3% of the overall foreign criminal population in jails in England and Wales, Pakistanis rank seventh among all foreign criminals. The agreement highlights both governments’ continuous dedication to addressing illegal immigration and the serious challenges it poses to both countries. The agreement also covers ongoing efforts to strengthen and broaden law enforcement cooperation between the UK and Pakistan. The UK has expulsed 10,741 foreign national offenders globally since January 2019 (to year ending December 2021).


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Written by:

Salman Shah

Director of Law Lane Solicitors